FlowCARE Nurse Server Rolls into Omaha!

FlowCARE Nurse Server Rolls into Omaha!

  • Posted On : 10/13/2017 9:22 AM

In July of 2016, A large 330 bed hospital (part of a national nonprofit health system) in Omaha, Nebraska remodeled its’ ICU Patient Wing. The building renovation process was well underway when the Director of Materials Management realized that a number of the patient-rooms would not have adequate storage for much needed patient supplies.


The main challenge was that the built-in millwork had already been purchased & installed in the new patient rooms. With the ICU’s “go-live” date quickly approaching; the hospital’s Project Management team turned to their long-time storage-solution vendor, Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. for assistance.

Midwest Storage Solution’s consultants met with the ICU Nurse Manager and the Supply Chain team to better understand what their requirements. Their requests were:

• A Nurse-Server storage solution that could match the millwork but a system that had more “organization”.

• Supply-Chain wanted the Patient Supply Cabinets on wheels so they could maneuver the FlowCARE™ units inside the room but more importantly, so they could pull-them out of the room for stocking & re-stocking.

• The Nursing staff wanted a product that offered “keyless” or RFID locks as well as the ability to organize & divide the useable space for the patient-room supplies.

How FlowCARE Helped: 

FlowCARE™ Nurse Server can de designed as a pass-thru patient supply cabinet. However, it is also available in non Pass-Thru versions and can be put on a mobile-base with casters as seen in the photos herein.

• Because FlowCARE™ offers HPL and/or Thermofoil® exterior finishes, we were able to match the new millwork cabinets.

• FlowCARE™ offers pull-out, custom sized trays with adjustable dividers of supplies; Anti-Microbial steel shelves for clean linens, and RFID locking capabilities for storing Medications, Needles, etc.

Results and Future Plans: 

The ICU Nursing Staff & Supply-Chain Director were very pleased with the quality & flexibility that FlowCARE™ Nurse Server offers. The carts can be easily maneuvered in & out of the patient-rooms and the quality of the hinges, hardware, and keyless locking options were a huge advancement over their existing built-in millwork nurse servers. The FlowCARE™ units are much easier to stock & re-stock for Materials Management as all of the patientroom supplies are confined & organized into (2) custom sized supply trays as seen in the photo below.

The RFID locks on the pull-out, soft-closing medication drawer stores “needles” and keeps them secure while in the occupied patient rooms. The hospital’s Project Management Team & System Architect are now considering using FlowCARE™ for their future projects where Pass-Thru Nurse Servers will be utilized. The pass-thru version of FlowCARE™ offers dual-directional pull-out & tilt baskets as well as a dual-directional / locking medication drawer, soiled linen compartment, and dual-directional shelves for clean-linens.

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