Hdr omaha fabric cabinet
Hdr omaha project cabinet
Hdr omaha fabric cabinet
Hdr omaha project cabinet

What Are KüL Heavy Duty Cabinets

Moduflex™ LLC and our manufacturing partner teamed up to engineer cabinets for the Architecture and Design Industry.

Our initial design and first order for these were for one of the top 10 Architecture Firms in the USA.  They feature:

  • 42" Wide x 42" Deep Cabinets
  • 6 Heavy Duty Drawers that can hold 480lbs. per drawer
  • Perfect storage for product samples, color samples and architectural drawings

These KüL HD Cabinets can be customized to fit your needs and come in either:

  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
    • Laminate is one of the stronger materials in this list because of it's proven durability.  Available in hundreds of the laminate industries product lines.
  • Thermofused Laminate (TFL)
    • Wood Grain
      • Beautiful, classy and timeless describes the hottest thing in design these days.  Same durability but noticeably chic!
    • Solid Color
      • Solid color TFL is a highly durable, sustainable, and low-maintenance materials available.

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