A nurse’s work day can become very stressful and chaotic from time to time. They work to the demand of their patients, are often understaffed, and have to work hours outside of the common nine to five time frame. This is why making sure their job is getting done efficiently and effectively is of great importance. 

As nurses are faced with challenges and problems every day, it is important they overcome these quickly to ensure productivity. Nurses who have heavy workloads may experience burnout. Yet, there are things nurses can do or utilize to make their days a little easier. Here are some ways nurses can optimize their time while on shift. 

To-do list

It seems obvious, but to-do lists are very beneficial when trying to optimize your work time. To-do lists entail all the tasks you need to do daily or even weekly. Understanding your workload, what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done allows for you to prioritize your day. 

To-do lists do much more than just organize job duties. They depress anxiety about the chaos of life, give a sense of structure, and creates a plan to stick to. Also, there is no better feeling than crossing things off the to-do list. This will help motivate nurses throughout their shift to get everything done in a timely manner. 


Muchlike a to-do list, a notebook is a way nurses can write down and remember important information. During a shift, nurses can be constantly on-the-go. A pocket-sized notebook will make charting easier, especially when you can’t write things down right away. 

Get the bad things out of the way

It’s inevitable that sometimes you just don’t enjoy doing things while working. That is the case in almost every job. We all tend to push our least favorite things to the end, which in some cases is fine. However, doing your least favorite tasks at the beginning of your shift, when you have the most energy, will make them not seem as bad! Getting all your hassle out of the day early in your shift will help the rest of your day go by quicker and better! 

Nurse Gadgets

As technology advancements shape the world we live in today, it only makes sense that nurses utilize these to make their jobs a little bit easier. With new technology, there are nurse gadgets designed for improving the efficiency of a nurses role. 

FlowCare Nurse Server: Our FlowCare nurse server is perfect for optimizing nurses’ time while working. Our nurse server is designed to help nurses stay organized with medical equipment, while being steps away from the patient. 

Vein Finder: Sometimes, depending on the patient, it can be very difficult to find a vein for an IV. This device can help nurses save time while looking for a patient's vein.

Echo Smartpen: As nurses have to write down information daily, a smart pen is a great option! The echo smartpen is a pen that audio records everything that you write down, and allows you access to a digital version of your notes on a computer. This nurse gadget can help make sure  information is accurate, while also saving valuable time. 

FlowCare understands the focus and attentiveness that goes into nursing, as well as the stress that comes with it. A nurse’s job is both physically and mentally demanding, but we are here to help. Contact FlowCare to learn more about how we can help you optimize time and space!

Quality of care and why it is important

Quality of care and why it is important

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The benefits of proper catheter storage

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On the top of the HAI list are Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs). CAUTIs are the most common infection a person can contract in the hospital, according to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

Luckily, FlowCare offers the perfect catheter storage solutions for any hospital!

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