Using Nurse Server Cabinets in Emergency Rooms

Using Nurse Server Cabinets in Emergency Rooms

  • Posted On : 12/4/2019 8:04 AM

Emergency rooms need to be equipped for any situation that comes their way. Health care professionals can never predict what type of scenario they will be presented with day to day, let alone what types of materials they may need. 

A big factor when it comes to stocking an emergency room is the amount of space available for equipment. Some useful tools and materials may be left out due to a concern for space. Leaving adequate room for doctors, nurses, EMTs and the patient is key to ensuring safety during evaluation and treatment. Beyond that, clutter can not only be a distraction, but a safety hazard during the chaotic moments of an emergency situation.

The typical emergency room utilizes a universal room design stocked with only the most basic level of supplies. When a patient enters the emergency room needing specialized care for Orthopedics, Bariatrics, Ob/gyn or other departments, they have specialty carts that can be wheeled into the room. 

While specialized carts are a useful solution to this problem, they continue to take up valuable space in the emergency room. In addition, when healthcare professionals leave the room to grab the cart it not only wastes time, but can also increase the risk of infection by leaving and re-entering the environment. 

Our nurse server stations are a storage solution that has been  designed to create easy access to useful materials and more efficient identification and stocking. Each station is equipped with customizable pull-out cabinets, dividers and bins. 

Keeping in mind all of these needs, there are four positive impacts that installing nurse server cabinets can have when designing an efficient and prepared emergency room.

Maximization of quality patient care

Patients entering the emergency room need focused and efficient healthcare professionals treating them at all times. Nurse server cabinets maximize the quality of patient care by allowing nurses and doctors to be focused on the patient’s needs instead of determining and gathering the materials needed for treatment. 

More vertical storage maximizing cost-per-square foot

Important and more specialized materials can be left out of ordinary emergency rooms due to lack of space, but nurse server cabinets allow storage to move vertically rather than horizontally. This allows the room to be stocked more efficiently and with more useful items without losing valuable working space. 


Emergency rooms need to be able to change constantly to adapt to certain situations. All of the nurse server cabinets are able to be customized with adjustable bins and dividers. This allows hospitals and departments to design their systems as uniquely and efficiently as they can for their specific needs. No emergency room is the same, and their storage doesn’t have to be either. 


Our system can be used with new or current security systems, making them painless and seamless to install and begin using. This means that your medications, equipment and tools will stay just as safe as they’ve always been, but even more accessible in a time of need. 

Providing doctors and nurses with the right conditions to properly and efficiently care for their patients makes a more positive work environment for them, but also a more safe and controlled environment for the patient. In a space like an emergency room that is constantly changing and in a state of chaos, having access to important materials could be the difference between life and death. Nurse server cabinets provide stability for the healthcare professionals, better quality patient care and continue to save space and time.

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