A nurse has a number of essential, life-saving tasks to complete each and every day! These can range from giving patients their medication, to documenting all necessary information, and everything else in-between.  

All hospitals, nurse leaders, and staff can agree that for the best patient outcomes, the nurses need optimum productivity and stress management systems in place.

How is this done?

Balance can be accomplished through a number of different techniques:

Stress Management - It is common for physicians and nurses to feel burned out. This can cause a number of different emotions such as: anger, depression, sickness, low morale, staff turnover and more!

How does burnout happen, exactly? Well, it seems to be caused by a number of issues that seem to pile up over a long period of time. It can start off as something simple like covering someone’s shift.

The main causes of medical staff burnout are from

  • Long and tiring shifts
  • Always having to put patients and other first
  • The very high-stress scenarios and life-threatening situations
  • The more patients and less nurses there are.

Do you find yourself needing ways to cope with daily stress? Follow these simple tips such as deep-breathing to taking a break every once in a while.

Communication- This may seem like such a simple thing that can increase productivity, but it is sometimes the source of a lot of problems, both inside and out of the hospital. So, what can nurses do to better communicate and increase overall productivity?

- Always make sure to communicate with your patients

- Know you aren’t the best communicator? You can take courses and work on these skills with professionals.

- Make sure to relay important information to other nurses, physicians, and hospital staff.

Design Methods-  A design method that should be implemented into every hospital for healthcare storage solutions are FlowCARE Nurse Servers. These healthcare storage solutions can save everyone valuable time, from hospital staff to pharmacists.

It can save nurses time when looking for needed supplies because they are strategically located inside or directly outside all patient rooms. Furthermore, they allow nurses to be at the patient’s bedside at any given time.

A number of studies show that nurses who spend more time at their patient’s bedside help the patient overall. The patient experiences less falls, infections, medication errors, and will be more satisfied with their overall care.  

Eliminate wasted time - For one, FlowCARE Nurse Server can help with this as we explained above. Now, it’s time to get organized! Here are five easy steps to help stop wasting time during your shift!

  • Eliminate unnecessary steps throughout the day
  • Get a notebook for your to keep in your scrub’s pocket
  • Hate this task? Do it first
  • Simply ask for more help

All of these tasks can help with maintaining productivity with nurses. The nurse leader needs to make sure that his or her staff is always being as efficient as possible.

Also, following these steps themselves will help their nurses.


FlowCARE Nurse Server is a healthcare storage solutions of the future! Our design is made for patients, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in mind. Currently remodeling your hospital or clinic? Contact us today for more information.

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