The top six nurse hacks!

The top six nurse hacks!

  • Posted On : 8/1/2018 8:59 AM

A nurse is tasked with life saving and essential requirements in their job on a daily basis! All of this depends on what department a nurse works in but most of us can agree no matter the tasks a nurse’s job is stressful!

However, there are little tips and hacks that can make nurses a little less stressful each day!

These are the top six nursing hacks!


UGH, another stain that will never come out on your scrubs. A nurse wants to stay clean and neat on the job but messes happen.

A huge part of a nurse's job revolves around hygiene. A stain like blood, vomit, feces or a foreign substance can come out and your scrubs can be saved. You want to take your pants or shirt and rub the fabric under some cold water, this keeps the stain from sticking.

Okay, now add a stain removing treatment. The best treatments for different stains:

  • Blood stains - hydrogen peroxide
  • Feces, urine and vomit - ammonia and hydrogen peroxide
  • Sweat - vinegar
  • Ink - rubbing alcohol
  • Ointment - oil based strong detergent
  • Coffee - detergent


It happens more times than not, “code brown.” How do keep the feces off your hands? Triple glove it.

You apply the three pairs of gloves. Why? The first pair is to wipe off the patient, bed and area. The second is to clear the sheets and the final pair is for putting a new diaper on your patient.


A Crock pot will be life-changing for dinner time! This is because you can add everything into the crockpot, stir it and simply leave it for eight hours or longer. Not sure what to make? Go to Pinterest, think of favorites, or check out this form on

Good Socks

Any nurse knows how far they walk in a single day! A Reddit poll shows that a nurse can walk at least 10,000 steps a day. This can cause swollen feet, ankles, sore legs and other health related factors. The best way to help with this is compression socks!

Blood is flowing through your body at all time, but it easily leaves your legs and feet. This is because of gravity, and compression socks help combat gravity. This helps with leg and feet issues.


You can drink you coffee and stop odors with it as well! A great way to keep odors out of your station is with coffee grounds.

The grounds absorb the odor and keep the room from smelling. This could work in the break room as well.

Nurse server

The final hack that can help nurses in every department in a hospital or clinic is adding FlowCARE Nurse Server. FlowCARE Nurse Server could help with code brown.

This is because there is a dirty linen drawer in the unit. This allows nurses to stock, organize and check up on patient all in one moment. There is less walking back and forth. Less walking means less leg and foot pain as well! 

These are just a few different ways hacks to help out nurses each and everyday!

Already knew this hacks? Check out our blog on hacks to save time during a your shift


FlowCARE Nurse Server is a changing the healthcare and nurse server storage systems! For more information, contact us today.

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