The rise of robotic nurses

The rise of robotic nurses

  • Posted On : 10/10/2018 9:05 AM

A nurse that is a small robot. It seems like the future is here! In Japan and the United States these robots are being created and tested in several hospitals and wings to see if they could be the next wave in medical technology.

Are there benefits to adding these robots into our hospitals, absolutely! But there are several concerns as well.

The population keeps growing and people are living longer, this is a concern for the healthcare field. How can nurses, hospitals and the industry take care of patients in the best manner? It might just be with robots.

The purpose of robotic nurses

One of the main purposes of this robot in the United States is to help nurses with their daily tasks. The day to day minute tasks could easily be taken over by a robot. A study shows that nurses spend up to 30 percent of their shift fetching medical supplies and are walking about eight to 10 miles a day! Moxi, the robot nurse in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, could easily fetch items for the nurses. In return, this means that nurses could spend more time with their patients, which will increase patient satisfaction!

Moxi will be working in the neurology and stroke unit at Texas Health and will be assisting activities assigned to her by the clinical and tech staff. The best part about the robotic nurses fetching supplies is that FlowCARE Nurse Server can be used!  

Another purpose of these robots is to streamline services through telehealth. A robot can easily listen to patients, record their symptoms and help them through symptom management. This means less walk-ins and stress for the patients and staff. A patient can easily get on their computer or smartphone and talk with a robot nurse for questions, concerns, symptoms and more.

Overall, a robotic nurse can help increase patient care! How is this possible? The robots will be able to help the patient with education! A patient can easily access hundred to thousands of videos, informational pamphlets, understand medication usage, side effects, support patients, and do all of it in any language necessary.

A robot can store all of the patient information to the cloud or data stream. This means all information is updated constantly and less stress for nurses. There doesn’t need to be a charting system with the robots.

Nurses versus the robots

There is no substitute for nurses! Nurses and others in the medical field shouldn’t view these robotic nurses as a threat, but as something to help them with their job.

There is something a nurse possess that a robot simply doesn’t have- compassion, critical thinking and assessment skills. A nurse can assess a patient’s emotional levels and feelings and think about the best treatment and methods to go about their treatment options.

A nurse can provide help and understand the pain, concern and questions a patient might have.

A robotic nurse can upload information to the server, fetch items, chart all patient interactions, provide information and so much more but they just aren’t nurses!


FlowCARE Nurse Server is made with nurses in made; however, robotic nurses can still use our servers. All they need is a RFID security badge and the ability to fetch items from the unit, which they can! For more information, contact us today!

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