The total number of hospital admission rates increased from 33.2 million in 1993 to an all time record high of 37.5 million in 2008, and decreased again in 2017. On average, patients are staying 5.5 nights per each hospital visit. With this many patients and days spent in the hospital, it’s critical to have the best medical storage cabinet on the market.

Our company offers the leading medical storage cabinets on the market. FlowCARE’s nurse server helps to prevent hospital acquired infections, increases productivity, helps with supply chain systems in place and more.

These are all the benefits of installing FlowCARE’s nurse server into any medical facility:


One of the leading causes of readmission rates in the healthcare industry is caused by hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Any patient that undergoes surgery or a minor procedure can be exposed to HAIs.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that over 32 percent of all infections are urinary tract infections; 22 percent are surgical site infections; 15 percent are pneumonia and 14 percent are bloodstream infections. How does FlowCARE’s nurse server help to prevent HAIs?

  • The medical storage cabinet keeps all items sterilized and deemed ready for surgery

  • The surface is made of medical grade steel and laminate, which is non porous and doesn’t allow for bacteria to get inside the pores.

  • The unit is located in each room. This stops the back and forth of medical items from patient room to patient room.

Supply Chain

A functional supply chain is critical to any healthcare facility. It easily allows for the management of items that are coming in and out of the facility. This stops the risk of lost, miscounted or stolen medical items.

All nurse servers have LogiTag Medical Solutions system installed. This system allows for constant tracking, updating and restocking alerts that integrate seamlessly into your current management system.

When an item has been checked out, the system will alert the computer. Once the item has been checked back in, the system will alert the computer that it is accounted for. This can help healthcare facilities save up to $398,060 annually!

This infographic from LogiTag explains the simple but accurate process of the technology:

Healthcare and architecture

Evidence Based Design is the forefront of all healthcare designs. How a facility operates on a day-to-day basis is understood with this method, along with this method, these healthcare designs help create the best space with green and clean designs in mind. The UW Health Campus Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit was awarded the Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Award Silver Level!

HGA Architectures designs and built a leading unit that provided with FlowCARE’s nurse server. The server helped to optimize workflows and implement the best LEAN practices in the unit.

Another benefit to adding our nurse server into a healthcare facility is the fact it’s a decentralized storage unit.


A decentralized medical storage cabinet allows for small items, medications, linens and other needed supplies to be near the patient’s bedside at all times. Because of this, it allows for nurses to be closer to their patients, combats low scores of patient satisfaction and responding to emergencies becomes faster.

Any nurse lead, supply chain technician, nurse lead, manager or etc. on the wing or floor can benefit from FlowCARE’s nurse server.

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