The importance of LogiTag system

The importance of LogiTag system

  • Posted On : 2/20/2019 11:43 AM

RFID chip technology is a simple solution helping healthcare professionals and staff manage items faster! With the swipe of a badge, this chip technology keeps documents updated and allows for management of restocked items inside nurse server cabinets.

RFID versus other systems

For most traditional systems in the healthcare industry, barcodes are frequently used as a security system. The similarities between RFID chip technology and barcodes for security include tracking and measuring needed room items and updating documents. However, one system is better than the other!

Barcodes can only be scanned one at a time, requiring a scanner to be strategically placed over the bard code. This means nurses needing to carry extra tools in their scrubs.

Barcodes are printed on paper and adhesive labels at risk of being damaged at any moment. Moreover, patient’s wristband barcode can tear, be taken off or misplaced at any point in their stay. Finally, a barcode holds less information than RFID technology.

RFID chip technology offers the ability to scan several items at a time, and only needs to be close enough to the system to read the tag. RFID technology is faster than barcodes and allows for a large amount of information to easily be taken in with one swipe of a card. Furthermore, RFID technology immediately uploads and documents all information scanned, simultaneously working as a security system for FlowCARE nurse server cabinets.

FlowCARE Nurse Server uses LogiTag Medical Solutions for all of our RFID chip technology in all of our nurse server cabinets.

LogiTag solutions and FlowCARE products

LogiTag uses smart cabinet solution suite. The supplies are scanned, the needed medical supplies are removed, an alert is sent to the data center and all information is tracked  in the smart cabinet solutions suite.

How does LogiTag work with restocking our nurse server cabinets?

To access the nurse server cabinets, nurses and authorized staff place the tag in front of the storage solution. The nurse then clicks “out of stock” button on the bin that is empty. An alert is sent to the smart cabinets solution suite that an item is out of stock in one of the storage solutions. The bin is then re-filled by the nurse or staff member and all information is correct and up-to-date in the system!

Each separate bin inside of the storage solution is tracked with the LogiTag system.

For better organization and quick identification inside the cabinets, color coded labels are used for different products and medications.

This is a second line of defense for ensuring the right items are being stocked inside the nurse server. The baskets are paired with Kanban baskets with a LogiTag on each individual bin that easily displays the items in stock and how many are left.

This is all real time in the system and each tag displays the availability and re-stock status inside each server for each individual basket.

It’s fast, simple and there isn’t an extra item for nurses and staff members to carry around during the day.


FlowCARE Nurse Server offers state-of-the-art patent pending storage systems to the healthcare industry. For more information, contact us today! 

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