The Importance of Janitorial Staff

The Importance of Janitorial Staff

  • Posted On : 7/1/2020 12:17 PM

Hospitals are so critical for so many obvious reasons, but the people and staff are just as critical as the facility. Of course, when you think of essential and critical workers, you think of doctors, nurses, surgeons and other medical staff, but there are so many employees outside of healthcare professionals that are extremely critical in a hospital setting. Receptionists, cooks, cashiers, and volunteers are super helpful for patients and visitors. They help keep things running and provide valuable services for those who are staying or visiting. 

One super essential job that often gets forgotten about is the janitorial staff. There are plenty of things that need thorough attention and cleaning in order to prevent the spread of disease and illness. Bodily fluid and medical waste need to be properly disposed of disinfected in order to be as safe as possible. It takes training and dedication to be sure that things are being kept safe in medical storage and clean for healthcare staff as well as patients. 

Preventing injury

Hospitals, especially emergency rooms, are incredibly prone to spills or messes, which can lead to injury. If not cleaned up immediately or properly, someone could slip and fall. Because these areas are so high traffic and fast-paced, wet or dirty floors can pose a serious risk for falls and injury. Janitorial staff is so critical when it comes to keeping people safe from falls and injury. 

Prevent contamination

There are a lot of ways that cross contamination can happen within a hospital or medical facility. This can happen by healthcare professionals not washing their hands, tools not being sterilized properly or having inadequate medical storage. A patient room or surgical room not being cleaned and disinfected properly can compromise the health of not only the patient, but anyone else who comes in contact with the room. That is what janitorial staff is so important. 

It is also important that the janitorial staff fully understand the methods of decontamination in order to fully prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and pathogens. Your janitorial staff should be well trained and fully knowledgeable when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing processes. 

Patient care

The janitorial staff is incredibly important when it comes to patient care. Patients should be able to trust that they will be safe and cared for when they go to different medical facilities. This means that they should not be worried about pathogens, bacteria and germs. Having a well trained and efficient janitorial staff means that patients do not need to worry about further complications to whatever they are in the hospital for. Staying in a cleanly environment helps increase patient care and makes them and their visitors feel more comfortable. 

Nurse servers

Nurse server cabinets can help janitorial staff and keep things clean by preventing unneeded entry into patient rooms. Because our nurse servers are able to be restocked from the outside, nurses and other employees who are stocking linens, medication or other supplies will not need to enter the patient room. This means fewer surfaces for the janitorial staff to sanitize and less medical storage for them to cover. Patient rooms will need to be cleaned less will less interruptions, thus promoting positive patient care!

Keeping hospitals and other medical facilities as clean as possible is so incredibly important when it comes to keeping patients and medical staff safe and healthy. Janitorial staff is a critical piece of the healthcare puzzle FlowCARE is here to help make their job easier. Contact us today to see how we can help make your facility and team more efficient!

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