When nursing first started taking off during The Civil War, it was not a profession for women. The women were known as “camp followers.” Often times, the men didn’t think highly of the women who were patching, stitching, and comforting them while in a tent during the war. Fast forward to today, nurses are highly respected in our society. Technology, medicine, and medical advances have helped and changed the medical field for the better.

Slow progress in the medical field in earlier centuries with treatments using animals, teas, and more; lead the way to the technology we know today! The smallest advancements like thermometers have made a nurse’s life easier.

These are the following medical innovations that have made nurses lives easier each day!

1. Intravenous Therapy, also known as, IVs. The idea of IVs began around the before the Middle Ages. A scientist figured out that Cholera was causing widespread death from lack of fluids. However, at the time, it was debunked and doctors continued to use their current methods. Fast forward to before the Infusion Pump, nurses had to administer the IV fluids and sit there with the patient. Now, they add the fluid to the infusion pump and go on with their day!

2. The Stethoscope is a medical innovation that made doctor visits less awkward! Before the stethoscope physicians had to put their ears to the patients chest. This made for uncomfortable situations. Now, stethoscopes can be bought in just about any medical store!

3. A tool that saves lives on a daily basis is the defibrillator. The defibrillator helps medical professionals to resuscitate and save patients lives each day. Before this, nurses had to do this manually.

4. A great technological advancement that is used in the medical field and other fields is  RFID technology. The benefit of RFID technology that everything can be tracked with a wristband, badge, or other gadget the nurses use. It can track the amount of medication in a nurse server, keep tabs on what is getting low, and knows how much is there, and more! All of this information is logged into a computer that is in another room or hallway! It makes life so much easier.

5. A common place for nurses to restock, give medication, and more is a nurse server. However, traditional nurse servers give little consideration for the nurses and their patients. This is where FlowCARE Nurse Server changes everything! FlowCARE Nurse Server is changing the way nurse server works. It is conveniently located 10 steps from the patient’s bed, which means, you won’t need to go back to the supply room. It works with the hospital’s current RFID technology system, and gives consideration to other healthcare professionals. Furthermore, it is installed in next to the door in each room which allows for access to the server from the hallway and in the room!

6. This one may seem like something so silly, but WiFi has enhanced the way nurses do their everyday tasks. WiFi is something valuable to nurses and physicians. This is because they can carry iPads to record data and enter it into the system.

The world of nursing is constantly changing it’s nothing like it was 10, 20, or even 30 years ago! This is because of innovations in technology, medicine, and science! All of these innovations and so many others have helped nurses in the long run. Can you imagine the innovations that will be used 10 years from now? It will be incredible.


FlowCARE Nurse Server was made with healthcare professionals in mind. We are a patent-pending nurse server that makes nurses lives easier! Check out more on our website, and contact us today.

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