The Dangers of Holidays!

The Dangers of Holidays!

  • Posted On : 7/4/2018 6:00 AM

Happy Independence Day everyone! We hope you enjoy this holiday. However, holidays seem to be the time for people to visit the hospital. Doctors in New York City state that, “their ER visits spike five to 12 percent during the holidays” from Business Insider.

Independence Day is the time for lighting fireworks, barbeques, boating, camping, and all thing  considered American fun and festive. In 2015, an estimated 8,000 people were treated for firework related injuries and 11 people died from firework accidents!

This is how holidays, like Independence day, bring more people into the hospital!

A Common Kitchen Accident

This may seem like such a silly accident that can happen, but it can be easy to have an accident in your kitchen. All the chaos of people in and out of the kitchen, trying to help you prep, and being distracted can be a recipe for disaster. This can lead to cuts and burns that can need medical attention!

When should you go to the hospital when you get a burn?

A first-degree burn does not need to be treated by medical professionals. These are the burns that occur when you grab a hot handle, touch a hot pan, and other common kitchen accidents. This will cause swelling and redness and some pain.

A second-degree burn will cause red, white or splotchy skin, swelling, and blisters. This burn normally does not need medical treatment; however, if it covers the hands, feet, face or other large areas of the skin, seek treatment. An example of this is dumping a large boiling pot of water on yourself.

A third-degree burn should ALWAYS be treated by a medical professional. That boiling water you just dropped on your feet could easily be a third degree burn! If it’s a third degree burn, you’ll likely have layers of skin will come off and sometimes fat as well.

Too Much Liquor and Food

This seems to be a problem across the board with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day. This is one of the top five reasons someone comes to the hospital during a holiday.

 If you have Diabetes or any other special dietary restrictions, make sure to stick to what the doctor told you! Yes, it is the a holiday, but you cannot put yourself into a food coma.

Have some fun but remember to be smart about it!

A Disruption In Your Routine

You go on vacation, take the week off from work, and you might forget to do the daily check list. A common problem is what can you do now? Simply call your doctor. Explain the situation and ask for them for an emergency refill.

Firework Accidents!

What is considered a firework? An aerial shell that launches the firework itself is what is considered a firework. However, this does not mean those fun firecrackers and sparklers are safe.

In 2016, 1,300 hospitalizations were from firecrackers, 900 sparkler related injuries, 500 Roman candle injuries, and 400 from bottle rockets. The people who are hurting themselves the most seem to be young men and men. So, tell dad and Jr. to be careful when they light off those fireworks tonight.

Since it is Independence Day. Let’s go over some firework safety tips to keep you out of the hospital!

  • Adult supervision is required
  • Light one and move away
  • DO NOT light multiple at a time
  • Never light a “dud”
  • Do not use homemade fireworks
  • Dispose of fireworks that are wet

All holidays are celebrated differently, but seem to bring in the most accidents across the board. This can be stopped with remember your daily routine, medications, planning ahead, and being safe!

Skip a trip to the hospital this Independence Day.


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