Technological advancements are, in certain ways, reducing the complications of being a nurse.  The newest machines and equipment out there can help nurses to improve their efficiency and productivity, along with, increasing patient satisfaction.

Technological evolutions have resulted in the simplification of many traditional methods. These developments improve the regular workability of nurses. The work environment has become more sophisticated.

The best technology and gadgets for hospitals and nurses to invest in 2019:

FlowCARE Nurse Server:

The first one is our nurse server cabinet! Our server is designed to be a decentralized nursing station that is built into every patients room. The following items can be stocked inside of the server at all times:


  • Emergency supplies
  • Linens
  • Gowns
  • Medical supplies

This allows for nurses, supply chain and pharmacy technicians to securely stock the server, nurses to retrieve the items from the nurse server cabinet and cause little patient disruption all at once.

Vein Finder:

For a phlebotomist, even after years in the field, it can be difficult to find a vein in patients. Each patient’s veins are different and this device can help save time when it comes to finding the right vein. This means less poking and prodding for patients.

Amazon Kindle:

This gadget appears to be the perfect companion for nursing students.  With this device, you can learn and review various lessons from different ebooks. Amazon kindle helps you avoid the burden of carrying bulky books. This device has many advanced features that will simplify the whole process of learning. It has a long-lasting battery and an anti-glare screen. You can read even in bright daylight.

USB voice recorder:

This will be a perfect companion for a nursing student. This device helps you record long lectures so you won’t be missing out on any parts. It has a plug and play feature, so you can listen to lectures later on. It has long-lasting battery backup and has pretty high data storage capability. 

Mug warmer:

Nurses have to work both day and night shifts, so chances of staying up late are always high. A nurse might depend on coffee or tea while on their shifts. A mug warmer helps keep your cup of coffee warm for a long period of time. It has a distinct on/off switch and a long chord enabling convenient usability.

Echo Smartpen

Nurses have to write a number of important notes through the day while providing treatments. A smartpen is always a better option to prefer, as it records everything you write. This can help you get a digital copy of what you have written. The Echo smartpen has an option to record audio along with your writing, this audio file will be tagged along to your writing file. You can easily access these digitized notes on a computer and hence giving you more accurate records.

On-the-go notepads:

Nurses and nursing students have to scribble notes all the time during their working hours. This wearable notepad helps them to take notes easily even in a busy work environment. This mini whiteboard can be attached to your hand just like a watch. Now you are not going to miss any details.

Electronic stethoscope:

A stethoscope is a tool that no nurses can miss out on. Conventional stethoscopes are now being replaced with electronic ones. Electronic stethoscopes are easy to use even in a noisy and busy environment. It has a higher amplification rate, hence providing more accurate readings. It has a perfect ambient noise cancellation. This device has dedicated buttons for various operations.

All of these gadgets would be a great addition into a nurse’s life for 2019!

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