This day is all about dad! He should be treated like a King; however, it can be hard to feel special and happy on a day all about you while you’re in the hospital. These are the best gifts to give dad during his stay.

The History Of Father’s Day!

There are two stories of how Father’s day was started and no one seems to know which one was done first.

The first father’s day was celebrated in Washington state on June 19th, 1910. A local woman was sitting  in church while the priest was giving a sermon about Mother’s day.

She felt as if mothers were getting all the credit and dads were being left behind, so she decided to celebrate the father’s in the community.

The second was in West Virginia on July 5th, 1908. A local woman suggested to hold services for the fathers that were killed during the mine explosion in the community.

While this holiday was celebrated locally in several communities, in 1972 President Nixon recognized Father’s Day as a national holiday.

Not all dads can be out grilling and hanging out, some are in the hospital. This is how to give dad the best day while he is in the hospital!  

1. This is something very simple that could be done for anyone in the hospital who likes to read, a book. This is a gift that will pass the time between the sitcoms and waiting for test results. These are the current New York Times Best Sellers!

2. A great idea is to bring healthy snacks and treats for dad to snack on. However, make sure you are following the hospital’s guidelines for bringing outside food into the healthcare facility.

You need to make sure all food is wrapped securely and meet the patients dietary restrictions if any have been set into place. These are the following foods commonly allowed in hospitals:

  • Fresh fruit, dried fruit, and canned fruits
  • Packages muffins, cakes, pancakes, scones
  • Pre-wrapped nuts and seeds
  • Pre-wrapped chocolate and sweets
  • Popcorn, pretzels

Always make sure to consults with the physicians and nurses who have been treating dad for any restrictions there might be!

3. If you know dad is going to be in the hospital for a long time, get him a subscription to some magazines! (PG-13 please).

A magazine is great because the content is always new and the articles tend to be on the shorter side.  Plus, once dad is done reading it, he can recycle it or give it to another patient.

4. If your dad loves video games, a handheld video game console could help distract him! You could get him a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo Switch, and others!

5. An Ipad or some form of tablet would give him the ability to communicate with you, play games, maybe even work! And, he can use it in everyday life once he’s feeling better, too.

6. You could call in a favor from a friend or family member who is a barber or get some some clippers and do this yourself! A haircut and professional shave will help dad feel like a brand new person.

The psychology behind a good haircut is that long locks and beautiful hair is what we aim for in society. When hair starts to thin we have a “bad hair day,” and it nevers “styles correctly.” It helps with facial framing, self-esteem, and feeling better as they age! See, a haircut is exactly what dad might need.

7. All hospital patients would like to feel like themselves again, especially if they have been in the healthcare facility for a long period of time.

A simple men’s toiletry basket with his favorite shampoo, razors, aftershave, and cologne could brighten his day! It doesn’t always have to be an extravagant gift to make someone happy!

8. At the end of the day, a father wants to feel special on Father’s Day. You can go hangout at the hospital, eat terrible hospital food with him, and watch some television. This day is about spending time with your dad.

9. A great gift for dad is a ticket to their favorite sports team outing! This could be a local baseball or basketball team.

You could get tickets for a future date that you and dad could attend together at an NFL, NBA, or MLB event! Honestly, he’ll probably be so excited he won’t even want anything else!

10. A little party never hurt anyone! Is your dad a Scotch or Whiskey person? You could get him a high-end bottle of Scotch to celebrate when he gets out of the hospital.

The doctor might not approve of the bottle of liquor right now, so save it for the going home party.


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