In 2016, the FlowCARE Nurse Server Cabinet was born. After realizing the need for a patient room storage solution, a team of experts partnered together to create a pass-thru and pull-out cabinet that would help maximize quality patient care


The nurse cabinet is a one-of-a-kind of nurse server. This nurse server provides for healthcare professionals, from medical staff to janitorial staff. It gives them the ability to stock, optimize workflows, change linens and control supply chain management within the hospital, outpatient or inpatient facility. The nurse cabinet is located just 10 steps away from the patient’s bedside. 


FlowCARE’s nurse servers provide an organized way for healthcare facilities to maximize  their storage space, improve their efficiency and save time so they can focus on what matters most - the patients. 


Three years later, we are excited to announce that our FlowCARE Nurse Server Cabinet is officially patented. This patent provides FlowCARE with the opportunity to be the one and only nurse server cabinet in the healthcare industry. As our company continues to expand across the nation, we want to share the benefits and different types of storage units that our company provides. 


At FlowCARE, we have a nurse cabinet for you. They can be tailored for  any environment and come in a variety of designs and styles to fit your needs. 


FlowCARE Single Column Pass-Through Nurse Server 


Requiring only three square feet of floor space, our single column pass-through design allows you to create extra storage vertically. This means you can maximize your storage while taking up minimal space. The single column includes pull out and tilt down drawers that make it easy to store and organize anything from patient gowns to medical supplies. Consumers can also customize each nurse server to meet their needs. We have a variety of options to choose from including medication drawers, writing shelves, smoke seals and more. 


FlowCARE Double Column Pass-Through Nurse Server 


Need even more storage? The double column pass-through nurse server has the same attributes as the single column servers, but offer double the storage space. Consumers can still tailor their nurse cabinet to include the same medication drawers, writing shelves and smoke seals that are offered with the other options. 


FlowCARE Pull-Out Nurse Server


For layouts that require 90 degree access into patient rooms, we created a hybrid nurse cabinet that can be pulled out to make stocking and restocking items easier. This particular nurse server can be customized to either be pass-through or one directional. 


Our mission at FlowCARE is to provide better patient care for a low cost. Our team helps fulfill this mission by providing the healthcare industry with the knowledge and expertise needed to consult, plan, design, engineer, fabricate and deliver a storage solution tailored to your space and needs. For more information or to discuss your next project, visit our website or give us a call today


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