Pharmacy Organization

Pharmacy Organization

  • Posted On : 3/4/2020 9:48 AM

When thinking about pharmacy organization, it may seem like there is little room for creativity or improvement. The typical pharmacy organization system has been in place for quite a while and seems to be working efficiently; however, there are many small elements within a pharmacy that should be evaluated to see how they can be improved. 


It is important to make sure that everything that is being stored in your pharmacy is optimally placed. This means where workstations are located,where medicine is being stored and to what type of storage systems you have in place. A great way to be sure that your pharmacy is running optimally is to assess the way things are organized currently and decide how they are helping or hurting the way you function. For example, if you are storing your prescriptions alphabetically and you find that your shelves and prescriptions are often unorganized and chaotic, you may want to consider a new system of organization. 

Pharmacy storage shelving should be best utilized so that they can keep things clean and organized, but should not be so much that it begins to take away working space. Having efficient shelving where everything is labeled and has a place makes it so that your space is properly optimized and work can be completed more efficiently. 

Workflow systems

An important element when keeping a pharmacy organized is the workflow systems. This means how work gets done in a systematic way to be sure that it is done efficiently and correctly. Without these systems in place, things can get lost, forgotten about or mishandled. You should have a workflow system on the front end, which means a process to replenish inventory or a process on how to layout your store so that patients are easily directed to the items they need. 

When it comes to the back end, you need an even stricter workflow system. This could be something like a color-coded priority system. It could help when filling prescriptions, meaning that there will be less time spent doing that and more time spent doing more urgent tasks. 

Bin management

Your pharmacy storage shelving should be complemented by a proper bin management system. You should have customizable bins that can be used for whatever situation arises. Often times this will be of better use than notes that can be lost as they move through your workflow process. There are a couple of different bins that you should definitely make use of in your pharmacy:

  • Waiting on order bin: this bin can be used when a prescription is waiting to get filled, but the medication is out of stock. This is where the order can live until you receive the product from your wholesaler 
  • Need patient ID bin: this is a way to let the pharmacist or assistant know that before the medication can be dispensed, the patient ID must be recorded
  • Patient info update bin: this bin can provide a way to alert others that more info is needed from the patient before they can pick up their prescription 

A proper bin management system within your pharmacy is a way to communicate quickly and nonverbally about what is happening with each individual order. It makes for a more efficient and productive space and process. 

Versatile storage

Pharmacy storage shelving can be utilized in many different ways and it is important to customize your systems to fit exactly what needs your pharmacy has. This means creating storage for all of the elements present in the space. This includes storage of standard drugs, controlled substances (placed under lock and key), products requiring cold chain (refrigeration) and medical materials and supplies, which should be stored by category. 

Proper organization in your pharmacy is absolutely crucial to ensure that all employees are working efficiently and that patients are getting what they need. With proper assessment, your pharmacy storage can be running smoothly in no time. 

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