Patient care and hospital reputation

Patient care and hospital reputation

  • Posted On : 1/16/2019 9:37 AM

One of the largest healthcare systems nationwide is finding out why patient care is important in several of their hospitals. Patient care, experience, satisfaction are all measurable outcomes for hospital that will make or break their reputation in their communities. The question becomes: how can hospitals implement these care models into their systems to ensure quality measures and outcomes?

The first thing to do is establish the importance of patient experiences, the need for these care models in hospitals and finally how this all impacts healthcare systems and hospitals alike.

The impact of patient experience

The patient experience, care and satisfaction all affect the healthcare system and hospital in several different ways. A lack of these care models will hurt the reputation of the hospital, decrease revenue and create a lack in patient engagement.

If there is a lack in patient engagement this changes healthcare outcomes. A patient comes to you with concerns and questions hoping for answers and a better patient experience. When a patient doesn’t feel valued, the patient will move onto a different hospital in their network.

Another reason why patient care is important is a lack of funds. A study shows that a patient that continues with a hospital over their lifetime can contribute millions of dollars to that hospitals overall revenue. Once the patient leaves, they take their business elsewhere. Along with this, a lack of patient experience and care is measured by insurance. The more a hospital is lacking in these models, the more money it will cost the hospital.

Finally, reputation is important to any healthcare system or hospital in a community. A hospital or clinic in the community with a bad reputation for certain procedures, surgeries, healthcare outcomes and more will decline rapidly.  Think about it, have you ever willingly gone to a hospital knowing of the horror stories of other patients? More than likely, only in cases where you weren’t able to get anywhere else.

The longer this happens in a community, the more the reputation will decline and the hospital and clinic will suffer as a whole. This is why it is vital for a hospital to set in place a positive reputation and experience in their community. 

The connection between patient experience and reputation

A patient is a patient, but a patient is also a consumer and customer. A number of healthcare systems have major issues inside the system that can start to create skepticism in the communities. A better reputation in the community shows better outcomes for the healthcare system and hospital at the end of the day. The community is caring about if they or a loved one was admitted into the hospital now, not six months from now.

A patient walks in expecting the best treatment that is available to them, but when this doesn’t happen, this causes a decrease in patient care, experience and overall satisfaction.  With a lack of these patient notions, comes a lack of trust and reputation within the community.

Overall, if patient care models are not held to the highest standards out there for patients it can cause major disruptions and problems. The models set in place help healthcare systems to implement the best practices in place. Without patients there is no hospital and this is why patient care is important.


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