Mother’s Day is about celebrating the strong and beautiful mothers in your life! A whole day to show the one selfless person who is always helping others and doing so much for her children how much you appreciate all she does.

However, not everyone can spend mother’s day at home with their loved ones. A mother who is in the hospital for cancer treatments, with their preemie baby, taking care of a sick child, or celebrating the birth of a new child, can cause a mother to be at the hospital for long periods of time.

So, what can you and the family do to honor this person? Here is a list of 10 things a mother in the hospital would love to have for Mother’s Day!

1. Noise Canceling Headphones- A hospital has so many different noises going on at all times, from machines beeping to doctors and nurses constantly talking. It can be too much at times.

Research shows that hospitals are considerably loud and it can cause patients distress and slows the healing process. Let’s get mom out of the hospital more quickly. Noise canceling headphones might be a great way to do this.

2. Lip Balm- Anyone who has cancer or has had cancer knows what chemotherapy does to your body. Your hair falls out, but your skin also get extremely dry!

This is because cancer cells multiply at a rapid rate and accompanied with chemotherapy, your skin cells don’t replace themselves like they normally would. Soothe mom’s dry skin with some chapstick and her favorite scented lotion.

3. Flowers- This is a beautiful and vibrant way to show anyone that you care about them! Every now and then, a bouquet of beautiful flowers can brighten up anyone's day.

However, here are a couple things to keep in mind when picking out flowers for mom while she’s in the hospital:

  • Does the hospital allow them? Some hospitals will not allow loved ones to bring in flowers depending on which part of the facility they are in.
  • Make sure they’re allergy friendly. While mom may love flowers, she isn’t the only one who will be smelling them. There are flowers that generate less pollen to keep the sneezing at a minimum.
  • The smaller the better. You may want to go all out, but the smaller the arrangement is, the better. Along with all of her other items, it is cumbersome to carry a huge bouquet when you’ve just been laid up in a hospital bed!
  • Keep the bugs away! Always look over your flowers for bugs.

4. A home-cooked meal- This is something everyone always enjoys. Whether it is an old family recipe, mom’s favorite soup, or a family classic go-to, a home-cooked meal can make a huge difference in lifting someone’s spirits.

Plus, your mom will be so grateful not to be eating hospital food again! Make sure to consult with her physician about dietary restrictions and be especially wary of  food poisoning and bacteria in the food. Here is a list of foods to consider avoiding. (Sorry if it is her fav)! 

5. Her favorite things- While Sparky and Fluffy cannot come to the hospital, you can bring other items. Maybe her favorite sweater, blanket, face wash, and other daily essentials to make mom feel more at home.

6. A simple card- This is the smallest gesture, but can sometimes be the best one. A heartfelt card signed by friends and family could help her soak in all the love!

7. Pamper her- Everyone deserves a little pampering! You can easily comb her hair, paint her nails, rub her feet, take her for a small walk, or simply sit and read her a book.

8. Essential oils- This is something you need to ask a nurse or physician about before bringing them in. Essential oils are all the rage in holistic healing practices. Some hospitals have been implementing oils into their routine to help speed patients’ healing.

9. Voucher for fun day- Mom may not be able to participate in today’s activities and fun, but that doesn’t mean she cannot in the future. Go to Pinterest and make a voucher for a fun day once she’s out of the hospital. Or perhaps Groupon has a fun activity that mom would love to participate in when she’s feeling like herself again!

10. Spend time with you- What all moms want today is simply to spend time with the people that made her a mom in the first place. A simple visit will make her day, so just show up and her Mother’s Day is sure to be a happy one.

This is a day all about mom, so make the most of it in a not-so-ideal setting! We’ve shown you some simple ways to make it the best Mother’s Day ever!

Have a wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at FlowCARE!


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