Maximize storage space with nurse server cabinets

Maximize storage space with nurse server cabinets

  • Posted On : 10/16/2019 10:11 AM

FlowCARE’s newly patented nurse server cabinets are an effective medical storage solution designed to improve patient care and increase efficiency in healthcare settings. Our nurse server cabinets are engineered and fabricated to store nurse gadgets, medical supplies and other equipment. They are placed just a few steps away from the patient's bed and provide nurses and other healthcare professionals easy access to their materials as they offer quality care. 


Benefits of our nurse server cabinets


FlowCARE nurse servers improve patient care in a number of ways: 

  • Reduces patients' exposure to infections by protecting medical equipment from  contamination

  • Improves the efficiency of nurses as they do not have to run back and forth to retrieve gadgets and supplies when treating a patient

  • Allows nurses to focus on patients and their health outcomes

  • Maximizes the storage of items in the patient's room

  • Improves the effectiveness of healthcare institutions as they provide better care to patients and have happier nurses


Maximizing storage space


Insufficient storage space affects healthcare institutions in the country. Most medical equipment is tucked away in rooms, making access difficult for staff members. It can also be challenging for nurses to find specific items because the storage systems are often unorganized. With nurse server cabinets, hospitals can have an organized and compact storage solution for medical equipment and supplies. 


Nurse server designs 

At FlowCARE, we have designed a nurse server with  features that pull-out and tilt-down baskets which can be accessed from either inside or outside the patient’s room. Each cabinet can be fully customized to fit your needs and constructed specifically for your environment. Healthcare professionals can easily organize, stock and restock inventory and supplies as needed. 


FlowCARE Single Column Pass-Through Nurse Server 

Our single column design requires a minimum of only three square feet of space which is ideal for those who are looking to really maximize their space while creating more available storage. This design can be customized to include smoke seals, medical drawers, writing shelves and more. 


FlowCARE Double Column Pass-Through Nurse Server 

If you have room to spare, you may want to consider the double column pass-through nurse server as it doubles your vertical storage space while allowing you to choose from the same customizations available for the single column design. 


FlowCARE Pull-Out Nurse Server 

This design provides a 90 degree access into the patient’s room and sits on a carriage that can be pulled out for easy access to restocking and retrieving items. This hybrid option also allows for individuals to choose between a pass-through or one direction layout. 


Hire us


FlowCARE provides quality nurse server cabinets for a more effective storage system. Our team of experts consult you on your storage needs before designing a FlowCARE product that fits your environment and will remain with you through the entire process. 


Time is a vital factor when it comes to caring for patients. If your nurses are spending time during their shift looking for medical equipment, you need nurse server cabinets. These storage cabinets allow nurses to save time and spend it providing value-driven health care to patients. We have an array of products with great features that you can choose from. Contact us today to discuss adding nurse server cabinets to your facility.

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