LEAN Process In Healthcare!

LEAN Process In Healthcare!

  • Posted On : 7/18/2018 6:00 AM

In the healthcare world, especially in hospitals and clinics, wasted time and productivity could mean a huge disaster! With so many people on a team, it can be hard to all be on the same page.

A common issue with hospital and other businesses is wasted time and making their processes longer than is needed. This is where LEAN practices and methodologies come into play.

These are the common LEAN practices healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics, are commonly making mistakes with and how to implement them better in your hospital.

The Most Common LEAN Practice Mistakes

The world of businesses, warehouses, and other businesses are no strangers to LEAN. (This also includes healthcare). The notion of LEAN practices and methodologies have been implemented since the 80s and 90s.

The first ones to make LEAN practices a major business methodology and staple was Toyota!  All LEAN process or processes are set in place to make businesses run smoother each and everyday.

The wrong processes or methodologies could easily make thing harder though.

The common reasons why LEAN practices and methodologies often crash and burn:

  • Walking in with no strategy
  • Lack of leadership
  • Not everyone understand the importance
  • Doing what everyone is doing
  • It is a way of working not a one time thing
  • Employees lack of understanding
  • Practices conflicting with other policies in place

As anyone can see, LEAN practices and methodologies can easily be confused, not applied, or misunderstood. This is how to take some of these common issues and make them work for your team.

As we stated above, make sure these suggestions will be helpful. Do not change things on the fly and make everything worse.

LEAN Practices to Implement in Your Hospital

The first thing on the common mistake list, to have have a strategy.

A great example of coming in with a strategy and having everyone on board is with St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center. A dozen of the team’s nurses, housekeepers, surgical technicians, and surgical assistants all got together to make their lives easier and overall just save time. The team spent an entire week on figuring out how to implement LEAN practices.

The team one by one realized the difficulty of identifying the inefficiencies between the workflow of everyone involved on the team. They slowly figured out their mistakes in their current processes and got together to make the best LEAN process.

This team also figured out the second mistake most commonly done with LEAN, lack of leadership. The head of these department, Nurse Leaders, and others were all with the team and the other teams to work on a single process for everyone on the floor. This helps everyone understand the importance of LEAN.

From here, the leaders spoke with their team to see who could be doing different methods. Maybe the X-rays were done by the other team who had more time, or the patient intake was done by these members because of their current work duties.

Another process that could help with productivity in the LEAN process is with FlowCARE Nurse Server. How is this possible? This is because FlowCARE is a decentralized nurse server. This can optimized a nurses shift in several ways:

  • Nurses closer to patients
  • Better Patient Satisfaction
  • Less “hunting and gathering”
  • Less walking
  • Increase productivity

All of these benefits with FlowCARE Nurse Server allows a nurse and others on staff during their shift increase their productivity, along with, improving their overall process and LEAN practices.

Furthermore, this also eliminates the common issue of doing something once and never sticking to it again. With FlowCARE being installed in the initial construction and design process, using the nurse server for LEAN practices could easily become a daily task.

This improves overall efficiency between other healthcare professionals as well. Everyone from the pharmacists to the custodians can all work together and have a centralized place for getting dirty linens to stocking.

A place where people come each day for test results, X-rays, specialists advice, medical issues, and more is a place that needs to be running at full capacity and as smooth as possible. Find your team or hospital floor using the wrong practices or not using LEAN at all. Sit down and plan!


FlowCARE Nurse Server is part of the LEAN process in the healthcare industry! Our nurse server was designed to optimize time and workflows for everyone involved. For more information, contact us today!

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