How to maximize your healthcare space

How to maximize your healthcare space

  • Posted On : 6/3/2020 10:53 AM

Patient server and nurse server cabinets are effective medical storage solutions that improve patient care. The nurse server is a cabinet engineered and fabricated to store nurse gadgets and medical equipment. This cabinet is placed in the patient's room to provide nurses with easy access to material as they offer quality care.

This storage solution is innovative because it allows nurses or people stocking materials to place things from the outside. This means fewer interruptions for the patient by having someone come in and out of their room, and it means less opportunity for the spread of germs and disease. The less foot traffic within a patient room means the less chance that someone will bring in bacteria. A nurse server is a great way to prevent the spread of infection and keep patients safe and at the center of care

Benefits of a nurse server

The nurse server improves patient care in the following ways:

  • Reduces patients' exposure to infections by protecting medical equipment from contamination.
  • It improves the efficiency of nurses as they do not have to run back and forth to get gadgets when treating a patient.
  • It allows nurses to focus on a patient and their health outcomes.
  • Maximizes the storage of items in the patient's room.
  • Improves the effectiveness of healthcare institutions as they provide better care to patients, and have happier nurses.

Maximizing storage space with Nurse Server

Insufficient storage space affects many healthcare institutions in the country. Most medical equipment is tucked away in rooms, making access difficult for staff members. It can also be challenging for nurses to find specific equipment because the storage systems are not organized. With nurse server cabinets, hospitals can have an organized and compact storage solution to medical equipment. 

Oftentimes hospitals design their storage in a very concrete way. This means that as their storage needs grow and change, their actual storage becomes less and less effective. The best way to combat this is by installing storage that is fully customizable and flexible in order to keep up with the growing and evolving demands of healthcare storage. 

FlowCARE provides quality nurse server cabinets for a more effective storage system. Our team of experts consults you on your storage needs before designing a FlowCARE product that fits your environment. You can customize your nurse servers to add the features that you specifically need in your facility, which means that you will not be spending money on features and storage solutions that will go to waste. This will help you maximize your storage by allowing you to use every inch of storage space.

The nurse server cabinets we install in patient rooms do not interfere with their space. They are sliding cabinets that slide into the room, creating fewer intrusions for the patient. Here is how that is beneficial for the patient:

Time is a vital factor when it comes to caring for patients. If your nurses are spending more than three hours a shift looking for medical equipment, you need nurse servers. These storage cabinets allow nurses to save time and spend it providing value-driven health care to patients. We have an array of products with great features that you can choose from. Contact us today to discuss adding nurse server cabinets along with other customizable healthcare storage to your facility.

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