How to Keep your Nursing Staff Happy & Motivated

How to Keep your Nursing Staff Happy & Motivated

  • Posted On : 6/12/2019 10:17 AM

Nurses everywhere work very hard at helping others; and they love doing it. No matter who needs the help, no matter what the beliefs the person holds or what they’ve done in

their past, nurses treat every patient with the utmost respect.

Although it may not seem like it because of their electric energy and compassion, nursing work shifts can be very stressful. A normal work shift for a nurse ranges from 3-12 hours at a time, at any hour of the day (and night). This can take a great toll on our nurses, who are oh so important in our lives. So today, we will discuss tips on how to keep your nursing staff happy and motivated at all times of the day, to maximize nurse retention.

5 Ways to Keep Your Nursing Staff Happy

1. Empower the Nurses

In today’s day and age, nurses are more educated and diverse than ever before. They are smart and skillful, and tend to want to work with less supervision. Empowering nurses to work more independently will make them feel more connected and inspired in what they are doing.

2. Technology Support

Depending on how many patients a nurse takes on at one time, it is important to help them be efficient in their work. Providing user-friendly technology can help them work more quickly, which in turn puts less stress on your nursing staff!

3.  Health and Wellness Programs

Nurses obviously understand what it takes to maintain good health, but a company health and wellness program could provide nurses this option on the job. While nurses are normally super busy while working, providing healthy food and drink options during their shifts or wellness programs will encourage them to stay healthy and motivated, and can improve the chemistry within your nursing staff.

4. Open Communication Policy

Communication is key in almost every workplace, especially in the healthcare industry. Having an open communication policy allows nurses to convey their feedback, whether it’s good or bad, and help their work team be more organized.

5. Demonstrate Appreciation

Almost every employee enjoys hearing that their work is meaningful, and the same goes for nurses. It is important to reiterate the importance of their work, as well as show them appreciation each and every day.

5 Ways to Keep Your Nursing Staff Motivated

1. Create a Healthy and Positive Work Environment

When company’s establish a work culture of trust and respect, it positively affects engagement and productivity to your employees. This strengthens relationships and work satisfaction, which in turn emphasizes teamwork and motivates nurses in doing good, meaningful work.

2. Set Clear Goals and Provide Feedback

Setting goals and providing feedback is a big part in every work environment. It is important for nurses to understand their goals and embrace them to stay motivated. Giving feedback is also very beneficial, as this will assure your staff that they are doing good and working hard, giving them a boost of motivation.  

3. Encourage Autonomy and Individual Growth

Giving employees individual “freedom” and/or the opportunity to make their own decisions is important, especially to nurses. Allowing your nursing staff to practice autonomy will make them feel more empowered, and motivate them to do good, quality work.

4. Communicate and be Transparent

Effectively communicating throughout your organization, staff, or team is very important, especially to nurses. Allowing your staff to voice their ideas and concerns helps keep communication active in your workplace, as well as maintain productivity.

5. Be Visible and Available

Leadership is key in any work environment, and effective leaders are normally visible in what they do. Being available to your staff is also essential when trying to keep your employees motivated. Checking-in, interacting, and just being approachable to your team members will help them feel more connected to your workplace. This creates a good work culture that will help with nurse retention.  

Nursing staff’s everywhere put in so much hard-work each and every day. Most of the time this work goes unnoticed, yet these nurses are so, so important. Keeping your nursing staff happy and motivated won’t just improve productivity, but will help with nurse retention moving forward.  

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