How nurse servers promote patient care

How nurse servers promote patient care

  • Posted On : 5/13/2020 11:11 AM

Are the storage columns at your facility looking tired and dated? Do they no longer meet your medical storage solutions needs? Medical storage cabinets and nurse server cabinets are a great way to keep all of the items you need tucked out of the way! The challenge with medical storage is the need to store a lot of small items and nurse gadgets. When you have the proper storage units in place, your medical team is able to focus on the needs of the patients. Don't let old and outdated storage equipment decrease the quality of care that clients at your facility receive!

Patient care is incredibly important in the healthcare field. Everything should be done with the patient in mind. This means that they should receive the best possible care that they can. Another thing to consider is the nurses. They are working long shifts on their feet and are often walking long distances to patients and to get supplies and materials. 

With nurse server cabinets, it is much easier for the nurse to have quick access to the things they need for their patients. This helps ensure that patients are getting the best care as quickly as possible while saving some steps for nurses. It also helps to prevent the spread of germs and disease because they can be restocked from the outside. This means less unnecessary foot traffic in and out of the patient room, which can expose them to more germs and bacteria than necessary. 

Keep everything organized and easy to find

When you are operating in a medical facility, time is of the essence, and knowing where to find the items your patients need is of key importance. If your storage units are cluttered and disorganized, the minutes lost trying to find necessary supplies can have a detrimental effect on the lives of your patients. When you upgrade to new cabinets your team will be able to find everything that you need in a timely fashion. 

Nurse servers are an effective solution for many storage issues

Well-constructed nurse server cabinets are easy to transport and provide the shelves and cubbies that are needed to keep everything easy to find. Small and large items can have their own spot where everyone knows to look. Uniformity across storage solutions allows your team to best serve their patients from every room. An updated system across the entire facility allows nurses and orderlies to provide the best care possible.

Sterile items are often packaged in plastic sleeves that are slippery. This makes it difficult to store them on a shelf as they often slide off. Drawers and cubbies make a better storage solution and custom nurse server cabinets and medical cabinets can address specific medical devices and equipment storage needs.

If your medical storage equipment is in need of an overhaul, contact the team at FlowCARE Solutions today to learn more about the many efficient options that are available. We can help you create the storage system that perfectly fits the needs of your facility, nurses and patients. Let us know how we can incorporate our nurse servers into your organization to better serve your team and create an efficient process for your staff!

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