The daily toll of nursing can be difficult. A nurse can deal with sick patients, someone losing a loved one or family member, and more - just in one day. This can take an emotional toll on their overall well-being. A tragedy that has been sweeping the nation is mass shootings in schools, movie theaters, clubs, airports, and other public places. No one is ever fully prepared for these kinds of tragedies to occur, but healthcare professionals must be trained to handle these situations.

How Can Nurses Be Prepared For Mass Shootings?

The American Nursing Association (ANA) has set up five procedures when it comes to tragic events such as mass shootings or natural disasters. These are two of the most important out of these procedures:

The first procedure is to keep healthcare systems functioning and to deliver acceptable quality of care to preserve as many lives as possible.  

The second is planning a health and medical response to a mass casualty. This response must be comprehensive, community-based, and coordinated at the regional level. This can be done with the Director of Nurses, Nurse Leaders, and nurses all working together with their hospital.

The next step is to make sure all supplies are exactly where you would need them in a crisis moment. A great nurse server to install into any clinic or hospital for emergencies is FlowCARE Nurse Server. FlowCARE Nurse Server can be used for daily use in any hospital, but it can be great for moments like this because of the convenience for healthcare professionals. All nurses and emergency responders can easily find the needed items because of the way FlowCARE is made.

Another way a nurse, and others in the community, can help in crisis situations is to donate blood! This is something extremely simple that could potentially save someone’s life. You can donate with the American Red Cross.

The final way a nurse can help is to volunteer. You can also sign up with the American Red Cross. In a disaster situation, there is always a need for more medical & healthcare professionals because of the lack of qualified volunteers and the chaos of the moment.

How Can You Help Nurses Cope With These Emergencies?

Whether it be during a mass shooting, a natural disaster, or just day-to-day life, nurses can deal with many emotions. All of these emotions can cause burnout!  In Omaha, Creighton University Medical Center- Bergan Mercy participate in many drills that would involve real life scenarios if a mass shooting or natural disaster occurs. The hospital asks other hospitals to join them when they conduct full-scale mass casualty drills each year. After the Aurora shooting in 2012, the hospital now holds on-going preparations and drills to handle event that will affect the entire community.  The hospital provides counseling services for the weeks following and provides chaplain services for those who request them.

Often times hospitals offer the following for nurses:

  • Counseling
  • Chaplain services
  • Needed vacation time
  • A helping hand

At the end of the day, everyone handles these kind of situations differently. There isn’t a wrong or right way to handle these issues, and the hospital and the nurse leaders should provide the needed support for their nurses. No one is ever ready for natural disaster or mass shootings, but a hospital must always be prepared.


FlowCARE Nurse Server was designed with nurses and healthcare professionals in mind. Our storage units make nurses lives a little bit easier each day. For more information, give us a call today.

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