A hospital or clinic remodels a facility wing or builds a new one from the ground up. All the newest gadgets are installed into the build. But, what about storage?

It can be just as important as the gadgets being added. The right storage can increase productivity, reduce wasted time and save valuable floor space.

With the world of healthcare advancing, the future of nurse servers needs to also make progress. We are proud to announce the newest releases to our nurse server. First, let’s remind you of why FlowCARE is necessary.

The benefits of FlowCARE

FlowCARE is the future of nurse server cabinets. Our nurse server cabinet is a decentralized storage system. A decentralized storage system means small quantities of medication, linens, medical items and more are stored near the patient’s bedside.

This allows for a nurse to be closer to patients which improves patient satisfaction.This allows a faster response time to falls and call buttons and optimizes work flows.

A common costly occurence in the healthcare industry which runs into the billions of dollars for facilities is Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). One in 25 patients have an infection related to hospital care in the U.S.

Contributing factors, which can either increase or decrease HAIs, include a lack of proper hygiene between staff and their patients, correct sterile procedures for reusable medical instruments and surfaces in hospitals. Our nurse server cabinet is made of materials to fight against HAIs.

Another benefit to FlowCARE is the ability to increase staff productivity. Staff spend less time walking back and forth and know exactly where their items are and increase patient satisfaction overall.  

As you can see FlowCARE, offers a number of benefits to hospitals and clinics.

The newest expansion options

We knew FlowCARE is  great, but we know it can  be better. We are now offering the following expansions:

  • Catheter cabinet
  • Pull out server

The catheter cabinets offer a variety of interior components for storage and organization. We provide a section of the server dedicated to storing brand new catheters.

You open the doors, pull on one of the several hooks inside and they all slide out on one interior component. There are also the pull-out bi-lateral storage bins inside like the original nurse server.

A pull-out nurse server is designed with a 90 degree access for nurses, staff and others. The issue is, most of them are not large enough to fit all the needed supplies, which is putting them back into a storage room.

The solution is a pull-out nurse server. It is attached to a heavy-duty aluminum pull-out carriage that extends the server into the room or hallway. This means easy restocking.

We aren’t done expanding yet, we have more in the works for FlowCARE Nurse Server. At FlowCARE, we keep stating how we are the future of nurse servers and we are telling the truth! For more information, contact us today.

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