Factors to consider in hospital design

Factors to consider in hospital design

  • Posted On : 9/11/2019 9:12 AM

Every hospital is unique, so the way they are designed should be too. These are among some of the most complex building types which have different requirements than other spaces like restaurants and retail spaces.


Regardless of their location, size or budget, hospitals should strive to integrate these attributes. 




Sustainability should be at the forefront of every healthcare facility design. This not only means the infrastructure of the building but the organization's practices as well. The healthcare industry must make additional efforts to create a strategic plan that promotes sustainability and efficiency while using a limited budget. 


Hospitals use a large amount of energy and water and produce a lot of waste, but a facility that is  built with sustainability in mind can actually benefit the environment. 


Security and safety 


Hospitals have a big responsibility when it comes to security. They must keep their patients, staff, property and assets safe. Healthcare facilities are highly visible, so it is important to establish a security plan that keeps everyone and their information safe.  




Healthcare facilities are constantly evolving. Layouts should promote accessibility and should be modifiable so any rooms or modules can easily be expanded for future needs. Installing a FlowCARE nurse cabinet can easily help resolve these issues. 


Design for the patient experience 


Patients are at the forefront of any healthcare space and the designs should reflect that. Today, patients seek a personal touch in their healthcare journey. From the moment they walk through the doors to the time they are discharged, they flow through a system. If the system is disrupted or causes confusion, this can create stress for both the patient and the healthcare providers involved. 


At FlowCARE, we offer an extensive line of products that are designed to improve the patient experience. These products are beneficial in a variety of departments: 


  • Surgery 

  • Emergency 

  • Sterile processing 

  • Lab and pharmacy 


Design for employee productivity


In order to provide patients with the best care possible, physicians and employees must have space to do their job efficiently. This means easy navigation, workstations and collaborative spaces. Typically there is  little consideration going into the design and organizational aspects that should be included. 


FlowCARE Nurse Servers are the ideal solution for your healthcare design needs. Located just 10 steps from the patient’s bedside, our easy pull-out and tilt-down baskets provided maximum storage capacity while keeping your inventory organized. 


Each nurse cabinet can be accessed from either inside or outside the room, making it easier to access, stock and restock items. Consumers can choose between a variety of different styles that blend functionality with aesthetics. 


Hospitals can benefit from a FlowCARE nurse cabinet in a variety of ways: 


  • Adjustable bins and dividers

  • Compatibility with new or current security systems 

  • Maximize cost-per-square foot 

  • Stocking with less interruptions 





At FlowCARE, we are revolutionizing the way hospitals manage their patient room storage needs. We provide consumers with niche products, comprehensive planning services, interior construction and technology. For more information, visit our website or give us a call today

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