A shift for outpatient facilities

A shift for outpatient facilities

  • Posted On : 8/14/2019 9:46 AM

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and being innovated with new technology, facilities and ideas. Another way healthcare is shifting is the opening of more and more outpatient facilities and clinics. With a human-centered design in mind, these facilities are opening to serve a certain audience of people. 

Not only are these outpatient facilities convenient, but they focus on quality care for all. Patients may be utilizing this because it is closer to home or work, or they may be utilizing it because of the human-centered design. 

Lets dig into the shift of outpatient facilities, how they are implementing human-centered design, and how FlowCare can help!

What is human-centered design?

Human-centered design is a creative approach to problem-solving. It starts with the people first, and they are the number one concern. It is about building something centered around the people you’re designing the facility or clinic for. 

Currently there are quite a few problems in our healthcare system that go against quality human care. Hospital acquired infections, medication mishaps, healthcare staff burnouts and more are all errors that occur daily. The need for quality patient care is huge, and there have been many improvements along the way to help this. 

Why are outpatient facilities moving into these spaces?

Healthcare has seen a shift from inpatient care to outpatient care in recent years. What this means is that many healthcare providers are moving into facilities closer to their patients, rather than being in a hospital or on other medical campuses. 

One big location that has seen a vast amount of new clinics is shopping mall centers. According to research from JLL, retail-based healthcare clinics have grown 47% in the past three years. And the Retail and New Healthcare Consumer report found that these retail locations are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the consumers growing healthcare needs. 

As the healthcare industry moves away from centralized campuses, they are bringing services closer to patients at a time when two key demographics are entering prime years for consumption. Baby boomers are getting to the age where they are utilizing more healthcare services, and  millennials are starting families and having kids. The demand for outpatient care is there, and it is focusing on a human-centered design mechanism. 

There are already plenty of outpatient facilities in shopping malls. In the Runway Playa Vista in Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Health System opened a 32,000 square-foot doctors office. In Nashville, Tennessee, Vanderbilt University Medical Center opened up a clinic in One Hundred Oaks mall. And in the biggest mall in the US, the Mall of America,  the University of Minnesota Physicians is planning on opening a brand new retail clinic. 

How can these facilities utilize FlowCare’s products?

Since patient care is the primary focus, or should be the primary focus for all healthcare facilities, the products we offer at FlowCare are a perfect fit. As a lot of these outpatient facilities are making their way into shopping malls, where tons of different people will walk right past their front door each day, it is important that the entire clinic remains clean and sterile. Hospitals are deep cleaned constantly, and HAI’s still make their way in there. 

Our nurse cabinet, used to store medical supplies in a clean, organized way, is perfect for these outpatient clinics. Not only is our nurse cabinet convenient, but they are also designed to be human-centered. 

FlowCare is here to help as the healthcare world keeps innovating. Our nurse cabinet, catheter cabinet, and KUL cabinets are all designed to help patients and healthcare professionals alike. If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact us today!

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