About Us


Moduflex™ LLC was spawned off from Midwest Storage Solutions in 2016.  After years in the storage solutions industry, CEO Taylor Gilbreath realized there was a need for a revolutionary Nurse Server cabinet to manage patient room storage needs. 

Over the course of the next 6 months Taylor worked with his Engineering and Manufacturing partners to design and perfect this revolutionary Nurse Server cabinet.  The result was the FlowCARE™ Nurse Server Cabinet, a patent-pending, pre-engineered pass through Nurse Server Cabinet that is revolutionizing how hospitals manage their patient room storage needs. 

Since the inception of the FlowCARE™ Nurse Server, the Moduflex™ Team has continued to expand it's Solution Line to include more niche products, comprehensive planning services, interior construction, and technology.


Taylor Gilbreath is Moduflex™ LLC’s CEO and Founder.  Taylor has been in the Storage Solutions Industry since 2001 as the CEO of Midwest Storage Solutions.  His innovative and creative thinking led to the invention of the patent-pending FlowCARE™ Nurse Server and the expansion of FlowCARE™ Solutions Line.

Kyle Patrick is Moduflex™ LLC’s Vice President.  Kyle has been providing product and project solutions for over 20 years.  Kyle has been involved in revolutionizing the FlowCARE™ Nurse Server Cabinet since 2017 and along with his leadership experience in Healthcare Projects, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Installation he has a high level perspective that helps create a solution to best fit your environment.  

Todd Hartmann is Moduflex™ LLC’s Project Manager.  Todd has been a leader in Sales, Marketing, and Installation over the last 9 years.  Todd's experiences allow him to consult with architects, healthcare administrators, and contractors to get your project started.

Moduflex™LLC Advisory Team.  At Moduflex™ LLC we have partnered with experts in the fields of Architecture, Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Pre-Fabrication, Inventory Management, Security, and Design Engineering.   These partnerships have allowed us to provide the best long-term solutions for all projects.



Directors of Nursing, Supply-Chain Managers, Healthcare Architects, Interior Designers, or Healthcare Equipment planners looking for more details or specifications- please call one of our Healthcare Storage Consultants today at: 1-800-209-5137.