Why Choose Us?

The Healthcare Industry is dedicated to providing quality, value driven health care to everyone they serve.  For this purpose, we work hard to please our clients and we look at each avenue of every project.  Our mission at Moduflex™ LLC is to provide innovative solutions to the healthcare environment that allows your staff to focus on the patient!

What We Provide

The Moduflex™ Team wants to provide "Better Patient Care for less cost."  Our Team of Experts will consult, plan, design, engineer, fabricate, and deliver a FlowCARE Solution to fit your Environment.  Our Solutions include:

  • Products
  • Planning Services
  • Suite Applications
  • Interior Construction
  • Technology

FlowCARE Solutions are designed to provide Time; provide Flexibility; provide Efficiency; and enhance Security.

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Call us today at 1-800-209-5137 to discuss adding our FlowCARE™ Nurse Server or one of our FlowCARE™ Solutions to your next construction project!


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Easy Stocking

Pass-Through, Pull-Out, and Tilt-Down bins, baskets, and drawers for easy access.

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Constructed of Healthcare Grade High-Pressure Laminates or Solid Surface.

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Secure Medications

Dual directional, pull-out shelves, hamper and locking medication drawer.

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